Perfection - the P4 IDE

Perfection is a unique platform that enables simple, fast software development with Phoebus's proprietary programming language P4. Integrated with the worlds leading open-source Eclipse IDE, Perfection offers all the usual tools that can be expected of a modern SDK, such as Syntax Highlighting Content Assistance, Hyperlinks and Validation. Perfection fully supports P4 views (jvw), P4 modules (jmod), P4 workflow (jts) and P4 letters (xml).

Main Features

  • Syntax Highlighting

    Perfection gets the basics of P4 development right with the most sophisticated syntax highlighting available.

    Syntax Highlighting
  • Content Assistance

    Perfection offers users content assistance dependent on the current context. For example, when typing the '@' character, a list of functions (both built-in P4 functions and user-defined functions) are offered as suggestions to auto-complete. Full documentation is displayed alongside the selected function so that the developer immediately knows its purpose and expected arguments.

    Content Assistance
  • Hyperlinks

    Perfection makes locating imported functions easy. Just hover over a function call with the Control button down and click the hyperlink to open the correct file and scroll to the selected function automatically. Back and forward buttons allow the user to navigate between hyperlinked functions.

  • Validation

    A major advantage of using Perfection is that it has an built-in P4 validator. So code problems are highlighted as you type, just like Java!


Other Features

The full list of features is extensive and includes:

  • Subversion/CVS integration
  • Outline view with clickable functions and includes
  • Configurable code folding
  • Documentation displayed on hover over a P4 function
  • Comment whole sections of code with one key stroke
  • Automatic insertion of line continuation characters
  • Configurable error marker levels
  • Full colour file compares
  • Compare entire P4 projects with each other
  • Automatic space for tab replacement (configurable)
  • Support for jvw, jts and jobj files
  • Support for P4 letters

See this document for how to use some of the various features of Perfection.


Customers already using Perfection include Phoebus Software and Crown Mortgage Management. If you have a P4 developer's license and would like to use Perfection, then please contact us:


Click here for a PDF of the installation instructions.

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